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Prime Designs offers over 30 years of promotional products experience. From ideas to manufacture we provide professional service & quick delivery on all promotional items.

Promotional T-Shirts

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Custom artwork that will make your t-shirts stand above the rest.

Prices range from $3.00 to $8.00 depending on design and quantity.

Please call (310) 422-2296 or email for design ideas and LOW prices.



Promotional T-Shirts

Take a look at these great promotional t-shirts we recently delivered at the 2003 Festival of Flight. 

The full color designs are printed on the back of white, name-brand, 6.1 oz, 100% cotton T-shirts. The official "Festival of Flight" logo is printed on the left chest and the official mascot Snoopy appears on the right sleeve.

The 1903 Flyer TShirt: The 1903 Flyer is positioned in front of the Wright Brothers Monument. The Monument was erected to honor the accomplishments of the brothers. A perfect tribute to the 100th anniversary of their flight. 


Promotional TShirt

AH 64 Apache Helicopter T-Shirt: The challenging appearance of this heavily armed combat helicopter shows the devastating results it can cause enemy vehicles or positions.

Promotional T-Shirt

A-10 Warthog TShirts: Warthog is a "term of endearment," just ask any pilot who has flown an A-10, or any ground soldier who has been given protection by one of these low flying, powerful ground support jet fighters. This design shows one of the A-10s flown by the USAF 23rd Fighter Group, also known as "The Flying Tigers." 

Promotional TShirts

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