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Fundraising Ideas: Each organization has it’s own unique needs. Most organizations have something unique to offer donors. I love Girl Scout Cookies, and probably eat more of them than I should. The Girl Scouts do not need another idea. If your non profit group is looking for some new ways to raise money, Prime Designs is the one to talk to. We can provide items for you to offer prospective donors. These items will make your donors happy and make money for you. 

Tell us about your group: What do they do?, How much are you trying to raise? What price range do you expect the donors to contribute?, How do you plan on soliciting? (“door to door”, telephone, mail etc) Give us this info, and we will give you a solution. We can provide 50 cent candy, or $1,000 Crystal pieces. We can also provide million dollar ideas. 

Special Opportunity: Since Prime Designs is the exclusive merchandise licensee for Festival of Flight 2003, we can make some of the Festival’s merchandise available to your organization for a co-op fund raiser.

Festival of Flight is an 11 day event that honors the 100th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight. The Festival is a non profit organization, whose main goals are to enhance education and showcase the advances in aviation over the last century.

Now, there’s a unique idea--- two worthy, non profit groups working together to help each other. That is the American way.

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